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Which anti pollution mask to buy?
June 15, 2018

More about Nasofilters- A notable and wonderful invention

Researchers at the  Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi have developed  a new respiratory filter ‘Nasofilters’ which protects humans from particulate matter (PM) of up to 2.5 concentration. It is the most cost-effective pollution face masks in the Indian market. Nasofilters are made by assembling millions of small sized pores to create a thin flexible membrane. The large number of pores per unit area ensures lower resistance to air and breathing.

Nasofilters is an innovative, nano-respiratory filter, devised by a team of researchers from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. The respiratory filter helps to restrict polluted air laden with dust, germs and allergens from entering the nose directly. It is not only beneficial but also extremely affordable. Being the most cost-effective cheapest air filters, researchers are hoping that Nasofilters will help curb the ill effects of air pollution to a great extent and improve human health considerably.

The filter device shields, from the damaging particulate matter present in the air due to power-plant emissions, burning of fossil fuels and discharge from factories.

The filter sticks to the user’s nasal orifice and restricts entry of foreign particulate matter up to PM 2.5 particles, bacteria and pollen allergens. Nasofilters are made by assembling millions of small sized pores to create a thin flexible membrane. The more number of pores per unit area, ensure lower resistance to air and breathing. The filters can be used effectively for up to Twelve hours at a stretch without discomfort.

Nasofilters are aimed at preventing an array of human health issues ranging from respiratory problems to heart and lung diseases, as they prevent foreign particulate matter of concentration up to PM 2.5. The nose filters come in different sizes and can be used by everyone. They are the best anti-pollution mask developed in India in recent times with a combination of modern technology and affordability. The former President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee felicitated the team from Indian Institute of Technology for their remarkable invention with the ‘National Award 2017’. The invention was selected amongst the Top 50 Global Tech companies in K-startup Grand Challenge 2017 (S.Korea), out of 1515 teams from 118 countries.

The main purpose of the pollution mask is to safeguard people from dust allergies, health problems and respiratory diseases including asthma. With 500 million people across the globe suffering from allergies, it is the best nasal filter for allergies with maximum coverage. It controls all symptoms of allergies like itching, sneezing and sniffing. Experiments have shown that it reduces irritation and allergies by up to 75%. With a size as small as an eye lens it is both convenient as well as the safest nasal filter for allergies. These pollution masks can be used in industrial areas factories, traffic or any other polluting environment at all times to prevent diseases. The revolutionary filter is ready to be marketed by ‘Nanoclean Global Pvt.Ltd.’ founded by the IIT researchers themselves. Nasofilters is a great solution for a country like India which is one of the most polluted countries of the world and continuously facing deteriorating air conditions. Once these nano nasal filters are commercialized and implemented for use India, people will get to breathe cleaner air!

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