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Turn your AC into an Air  purifier Air  purifier Air  purifier

  • Nanoclean AC filter turns your AC into an Air purifier at an extremely affordable cost.
  • Our AC filter is designed to complement the existing filtering screen of your wall mounted (split & window) air conditioner.
  • Filters out up to 90% of PM 2.5 and other micro-particle pollutants in just 1 hour from the air inside your homes.
  • Nanoclean AC Filters is a specially designed non-woven structure which is able to retain pollutants because of its high dust holding capacity. The fabric structure is a proprietary technology of Nasofilters.

You just have to put on an additional layer of Nanoclean AC filter on your existing AC filters. With a “Do It Yourself” easy installation it can easily be placed in a split as well as window AC and whenever you will switch on your AC, it will be able to clean the air simultaneously while cooling the room.


How to apply?

Main Problems?

Exposure to fine particles from vehicles, A/C and other industrial emissions can cause short-term health effects such as eye, nose, throat and lung irritation, coughing, sneezing, runny nose and shortness of breath. PM 2.5, 10 and dust can cause major respiratory diseases in children, adults and elderly alike.


Worldwise epidemic like coronavirus, H1N1 flu is airborne and can infect the other person via nose and mouth.


Fine solid particles, they can usually travel via air being light in weight. It sources from the soil, dust lifted by wind (an aeolian process), volcanic eruptions, and pollution. Dust can trigger asthma and allergies.


When fog or haze adds up with smoke/pollution. Exhaust emissions are mainly responsible for smog! Smog can cause difficulty in breathing and can also harm the lungs if inhaled for long periods of time.


Air pollution

Car, factory and other emissions in the air that can cause asthmatic attacks, irritation and can harm your lungs.


Pollens are fine and powdery, they can trigger nasal and respiratory allergies, sinus infections and other asthma as well.


There are about 1800 kinds of bacteria travelling in the air around you. The airborne bacteria are present both indoor and outdoor and are sourced from human activities.


Our Solution

Some of our Laurels & Achievemnts

It was all about giving the world innovation, we in turn received love, laurels, and inspiration to achieve the zenith! Here are some of the achievements that are synonymous with our client's trust and faith in us.


Startups National Award of the year 2017

By Hon'ble President of India


Top 25 Technical Startups of the World

by Republic of Korea from over 118 countries


Top 100 Startups in the World

by Hong Kong Government, only Indian Startup to achieve this feat.


Top 10 Innovators of IIT Delhi

by Hon'ble Minister of State of Civil Aviation, Shri Jayant Sinha


Recognized as the Most Investable Startup of 2018

by LetsVenture, a leading fund aggregator


Level Next Award

by Hon'ble Minister of Social Welfare, Shri Priyank Kharge

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