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Nasofilters: The New Generation Anti-pollution mask in India
March 30, 2018
Nasofilters- The ultimate name for countering air-pollution
April 10, 2018

Protection against allergens – Nasofilters

Protection against allergens


Nasofilters is an anti air pollution respiratory mask built by some of the emerging and ingenious researchers of Young India to prevent the mass audience from breathing in heavily polluted air in order to lead them towards a healthy and prosperous future.

Air pollution is the most burning reason for the present environmental crisis. Every country in the world is under the thumb by this threat which has the capability of even wiping out the entire living race on this beautiful planet. This has been caused mainly due to the uncontrolled deforestation and heavy industrialization to sustain the population boom and aggressive progression of human civilization. To save humans from this human-generated crisis, the researchers from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi has come up with the concept of Nasofilters. The breakthrough technology of modern times, the nano technology is the layout of this revolutionary anti-pollution respiratory mask.   

The main causes of air pollution are industrial waste, crackers, smoking, vehicular smoke, blastings etc. It is seen medically that what creates more disease is not the gases but the aerosols that are present in the air. The nano fibre used to make the filter of Nasofilters can block aerosols and germs that ranges in diameter as minute as PM 2.5. The nasal filters for allergies that are available in the market are not quite proficient as Nasofilters. The Nasofilters masks protect the people from the carbon particulates emitted from coal combustion and vehicular outflow that causes serious respiratory diseases to the extent of even cancer. The air pollutions also cause grave heart diseases and nerve damages which can also be prevented if and when Nasofilters are used with proper method.

The salient features of Nasofilters are quite multi-faceted. The Nasofilters is, for now, the best batch of nasal filters for allergies as it is endowed with the property of filtering out the contaminants with diameter of PM 2.5 that was previously impossible and the main reason for pollution illness. The Nasofilters is made with nano fibre that prevents aerosols all while leaving free passage for inflow of fresh and pure air with least resistance. The mask can be worn for a running time of 8 long hours due to its deposition function and with ease and comfort. The mask is almost invisible which in a way helps to maintain the style of the mask and also the fashion sense of the user. The easy to peel option of the mask is the user-friendly aspect of the mask. The mask can maintain its functionality under extreme weather conditions, all while maintaining its proficiency level up to 95%. The mask can be used by anyone and everyone due to its extremely cheap pricing. Nasofilters is available at a price of just rupees 10 per mask. The usage of Nasofilters is among every section of the mass. Nasofilters is used by commuters during journey in order to get protection against vehicular pollution and dust particles. The farmers and harvesters may use the mask to protect against allergens. The industry workers use Nasofilters for prevention against harmful chemicals while the painters may use it for protection against spray paints. Medically Nasofilters is used for prevention of airborne disease and preventing spreading of germs for infected patient. Nasofilters are also used by people present in a closed conference room or by the children playing in a playground.

Nasofilters, conceptualized by some of the innovative researchers of modern India is great invention for the masses which has been rewarded many times by many great personalities.

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