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About Nasofilters

What is the cost of Nasofilters?

One box containing 10 pieces of Nasofilters costs Rs. 98.2/- + GST. The shipping charges vary between INR 40/- to 55/- depending upon delivery address. We provide free Nasofilters shipping on purchase of Rs 500 and above.

Can I run wearing Nasofilters?

Yes, Nasofilters are designed to help you breathe pure in almost all conditions. You can run, play and exercise with Nasofilters

How long can Nasofilters be used ?

One Nasofilters can be used for upto 12 hours. For best protection against pollution, use Nasofilters daily.

Are Nasofilters environment friendly?

All material used to make Nasofilters are recyclable hence we are environment friendly too.

What certification have Nasofilters got?

– Nasofilters has ASTM certified lab report for filter media efficiency and NABL certified lab report for filter media performance.

– Nasofilters are certified by CE ( CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA))


Shop for Nasofilters! Where can I buy Nasofilters?

You can place your order through our website You can also order Nasofilters through E-commerce platform like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart & Big Basket. Hope you like Breathing Pure Air with Nasofilters. Please do spread the word

Are Nasofilters visible to others?

Nasofilters breakthrough design minimizes its visibility when in use. Most people will not see you wearing Nasofilters.

Do you deliver Nasofilters outside India?

Although Nasofilters are not being delivered outside India yet. We have some partners across the world, email using contact form below and we will help you find partner near you.


Can Nasofilters be used multiple times?

Nasofilters are meant for single time use only. Imagine it like a car filter, once it gets dirty it needs to be replaced. Similarly, Nasofilters get choked due to pollution after you use it for 12 hours and a new Nasofilters needs to be used to ensure ease of breathing. Secondly, Nasofilters loses adhesion to your nose the first time you take it out, so you would find it difficult to stick the second time.

How effective are they against PM 2.5? Could you share some research data on the same?

In standard lab conditions, Nasofilters are 90% efficient against particulate matter (PM 2.5). The test reports are considered confidential to the company, and hence not available in public domain yet. However, Nasofilters developed by Nanoclean are 2-3 times more efficient than any other nasal filter available globally because unique nanotechnology (patent pending) used to develop Nasofilters.

Suffering from Serious Rhinosinusitis

Nasofilters is most efficient and convenient solution available to the market, it will definitely help your cause. We would suggest you to consult with your Doctor.

Can Nasofilters protect from Swine Flu?

Thank you for your query. Nasofilters are made out of Nano fibres and can prevent up-to 95% particulate matter and bacteria as well as viral infections. However, it doesn’t prevent from viruses like swine flu.

We are working to develop a solution for Swine Flu in the future! Till then you can prevent yourself from the harmful pollutants using Nasofilters! Hope this helps! Happy Breathing!

What are the chances of nanoparticles disintegrating and entering our system? Isn't it a possibility? Should it be a concern?

Though chances of disintegration are less, Nasofilters are completely biodegradable, which means even if Nasofilters enter your system you will be safe.

All Material used to make Nasofilters are recyclable hence we are environment friendly too.

Partnership / Retailers

Want to partner with Nasofilters? Want to become reseller/ Distributor?

We are always looking for new partership opportunities, please fill the form below to get in touch with us.

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