Anti Pollution Mask

September 26, 2018

In Delhi this is Possible- Anti Pollution Mask as Corporate Gift?

Ensuring employee well being and workforce morale is one of the most important function of an HR leader.  With a demanding work environment, the stress levels in offices have increased. A recent study has found that the stress level is further accentuated by the increasing Air pollution, especially in polluted cities. Air pollution has known to increase stress, anxiety and sleeplessness among corporate employees.  (Buy Best Anti-Pollution Mask – Nasofilters) Recent studies have found out that pollution tends to increase number of unplanned leaves among employees. This is because of increased instances of cough, […]
June 15, 2018

Which anti pollution mask to buy?

With pollution unlikely to disappear any time soon, making anti-pollution masks a part of your daily life is now a reality. The question is ‘Can people benefit from masks that filter out dangerous pollutants in the air?’ How does pollution affect people? Out of many pollutants in the air PM2.5 (Particulate matter PM 2.5) are considered to be the most dangerous. These are tiny particles, of size 2.5 micrometers. A human hair is 70 micrometer this makes PM 2.5 30 times smaller than Human hair. A normal human body has its own protection system, […]
December 19, 2016

More about Nasofilters- A notable and wonderful invention

Researchers at the  Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi have developed  a new respiratory filter ‘Nasofilters’ which protects humans from particulate matter (PM) of up to 2.5 concentration. It is the most cost-effective pollution face masks in the Indian market. Nasofilters are made by assembling millions of small sized pores to create a thin flexible membrane. The large number of pores per unit area ensures lower resistance to air and breathing. Nasofilters is an innovative, nano-respiratory filter, devised by a team of researchers from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. The respiratory filter helps to […]
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