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Nasofilters- The ultimate name for countering air-pollution
April 10, 2018
How pollution level is measured?
May 21, 2018

Best cost-effective replacement for air pollution mask

air pollution mask in india

Many people believe that masks are not a solution to air pollution. As most air pollution masks are impractical and unaffordable. People from lower income groups are not going to wear air pollution masks costing more than Rs 300. But every problem has its solution and that is what team Nasofilters is all about

Developed in IIT-Delhi incubation center, Nasofilters are nanofiber technology based Nasal filters that can save you from hazardous air pollutants and they cost just Rs 10. Yes you heard it right.

Nasofilters cover your nostrils and prevents harmful particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10) as well as other air pollutants from entering your body. Nasofilters are not very conspicuous as the edges that stick to the bottom of the nose are rather transparent. One Nasofilters can be used for around 12 hours and its nearly invisible.

For all environment loving folks out there, Nasofilters are made up of biodegradable polymer using nanotechnology and can be easily peeled off.

Nasofilters involves assembling millions of small pores to create a thin flexible membrane, which could capture very small particles with high efficiency. This allows Nasofilters to be used for long hours while maintaining good breathability and comfort. No wonder you feel cool breeze inside your nose when you use Nasofilters.

Nasofilters aim to provide relief to common users from air pollution and to protect people from allergens, germs, dust, hazardous air pollutants and safeguard those who are exposed to job related industrial particulate pollutants as well.

The main purpose of Nasofilters is replacement of traditional air pollution mask and to give a practical solution to safeguard people from dust allergies, health problems and respiratory diseases including asthma.

Nasofilters may help controls all symptoms of allergies like itching, sneezing and sniffing. With a size as small as an eye lens Nasofilters is both convenient as well as the safest nasal filter for allergies. Nasofilters can be used in industrial areas, factories, traffic or any other polluting environment to  help stay protected from air pollution related diseases.


Happy Breathing

Team Nasofilters


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    Where can we buy this ??please provide the link

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    I enjoy the article

  3. Jacki says:

    It works really well for me

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