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Protection against allergens – Nasofilters
March 30, 2018
Best cost-effective replacement for air pollution mask
May 7, 2018

Nasofilters- The ultimate name for countering air-pollution

air pollution mask


Nasofilters is one of a kind, special batch of respiratory mask that is invented, developed and enforced by an elite group of innovative Delhi IIT’ians to help people breathe fresh and healthy air amidst mercurially polluted aerial ambience in this industrially booming country of ours, in order to make the progress a healthy one.

Pollution is the scourge of the modern world. The polluted environment is dragging down every progress of human civilization. Air pollution is the most devastating as human cannot live without breathing in air. Purifying the vast yet easily polluted air is very much impossible. To place a barrier between this polluted air and human illness, the thought of Nasofilters was conceived.

Nasofiters is a specialized nano respiratory mask designed and developed by a team of researcher from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi. This is a revolutionary project for delivering the best anti air pollution mask in India. The Nasofilters project is very much a people’s welfare project as it has assured to provide the masks for a meagre price of 10 rupees only. This project is well appreciated and awarded many times. The Nasofilters has received “National Start Ups Award” from the hands of India’s former President Sri Pranab Mukherjee. It has also bracketed itself in the Top 50 Globe Tech companies in a Global Challenge competition. Nasofilters nano fibre technology and cheap price makes it the right choice to buy air anti pollution masks in India.

Nasofilters is a mask made with nano fibre technology which is a breakthrough concept that helps filtering aerosol having diameter as minuscule as PM 2.5. The device can immediately cut short the pollution particulates’ entrance into the respiratory tract through the nasal orifices with great efficiency. The mask can filter and deposit the aerosols and provide fresh and pure breathing air for an extended period of 8 long hours. The Nasofilters offers the user a reprieve from pollution for 8 hours along with many health measures. It protects the body from different allergens and bacteria that can cause a varied range of illness and diseases. Thus Nasofilters grants a long list of medical viability at an exceedingly feasible rate.

The best anti pollution mask in India without any doubt at this point of time is Nasofilters. Nasofilters has a multilateral functionality. It helps prevent microscopic germs and pollution particulates from entering the human body through respiration for a long period of 8 hours thus keeping at bay alleviations like allergies, asthmas, cough etc. It also helps in curing certain physiological anomalies like sleep apnea, nausea, etc. The material used for the build is very unique and so is the design. Nasofilters is a band-aid like equipment that can be pasted on the nasal region whenever deemed necessary. It is almost transparent which allows the user to get a no-wear feel thus complimenting the fashion factor. And, of course, the Nasofilters is weather resistant product that can be used anytime and anywhere all round the year.(concept Xenia Consulting)

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