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Nasofilters Protects You From

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Nasofilters Protects You From

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Developed by a team from IIT Delhi. Nasofilters is a respiratory nasal filter that sticks to your nose and prevents entry of harmful air pollutants (PM2.5). Nasofilters are easy to use compared to traditional anti pollution masks .

Nasofilters are made using nano technology which ensures that there is a minimal pressure drop while breathing, ensuring ease in breathing and no breathing discomfort, making it the best respiratory mask in India. Know more about Nasofilters

Till the air in cities become clean, you can comfortably eat, play and laugh while wearing Nasofilters!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Nasofilters protect from Air pollution?

Yes Nasofilters are made to protect you from air pollution. Nasofilters filters out smallest of air pollutants like PM 2.5 and PM10 helping you and your loved ones stay safe from killer pollution.

Where can I buy Nasofilters?

Nasofilters are available on our website We insist you buy on our website so that we can deliver latest product updates, offers to you and ensure better Customer service. Nasofilters are also available on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal & Paytm. Delhiites can buy across Apollo Pharmacy stores.Nasofilters are best alternative to traditional anti pollution mask.

How much do Nasofilters cost?

One box containing 10 pieces of Nasofilters costs Rs. 98.2/- + GST. The shipping charges vary between INR 40/- to 55/- depending upon delivery address. We provide free Nasofilters shipping on purchase of Rs 499 and above.

Nasofilters are available on our website

How do I use Nasofilters ?

Check this video –

Hover Image

Carefully peel off the Nasofilters
from the release paper,
holding one of the edges

Hover Image

Hold it with both your hands,
with index fingers on the
top and thumbs below

Hover Image

Paste it on your nasal
orifice and press the paper
all round the circumference

Hover Image

Remove the release paper
from the center,
gently towords the sides

How do I know right size of Nasofilters?

Please determine your accurate size, using a ruler/measuring tape

Tip: There is a co-relation between your Nostrils and thumb this helps determine the right size of Nasofilters

What certification have Nasofilters got ?

– Nasofilters has ASTM certified lab report for filter media efficiency and NABL certified lab report for filter media performance.

– Nasofilters are certified by CE for quality system maintained in manufacturing of Nasofilters

Are Nasofilters better than mask that provide 95% efficiency against PM 2.5?

Other masks leave out gaps which allow polluted air to enter your nose. Nasofilters completely cover your nose hence Nasofilters filters 90% PM2.5 they are more effective. Nasofilters are affordable and easy to use compared to traditional pollution masks and provide effective protection from SMOG, allergy, PM2.5 and PM10. Check Nasofilters comparison with other Masks here.

Are Nasofilters useful for Asthma/Allergy?

Nasofilters helps you to stay protected from dust helping Asthma Patients. Pollens are also filtered by Nasofilters helping you stay protected from Allergy. (Size of Pollens is 10 times more than PM 2.5 hence Nasofilters filters them effectively)

Can I ride bike/ run wearing Nasofilters?

Yes, Nasofilters are designed to help you breathe pure in almost all conditions. You can ride, run, play and exercise with Nasofilters  comfortably while being protected from pollution. Also it is very convenient for bike riders to use Nasofilters as using pollution mask is not possible with a helmet.

How long can Nasofilters be used/ Can Nasofilters be reused ?

One Nasofilters can be used for upto 12 hours . For best protection against pollution, use Nasofilters daily. Nasofilters are meant for single time use only. Imagine it like a car filter, once it gets dirty it needs to be replaced. Similarly, Nasofilters get choked due to pollution after you use it for 12 hours and a new Nasofilters needs to be used to ensure ease of breathing. Secondly, Nasofilters loses adhesion to your nose the first time you take it out, so you would find it difficult to stick the second time.

Trusted by People Like You

Here’s what they are saying
Amazing concept....really would be helpful & easy to use.... will love to use it for sure  
Ayush Gupta
March 31, 2018
I came to know about ''nasofilter'' by 'Hindustan dated 7-11-2017'.  I think it is a far better product to fight with Delhi pollution.Hoping for best future
Omprakash Joshi
March 31, 2018
We are proud on such Indian invention . Keep it up boys !
Ashok Chharia
April 11, 2018
I used it and it is very good product compared to big mask
Antriksh Tawar
February 03, 2018
Great Initiative to save mankind from air pollutants
Pramod Tiwari
February 15, 2018
Receive Nasofilters sample Must say Nasofilters is a wonderful product. It's going to change your breath Easy to apply and comfortable to wear. You can feel the fresh air after wearing it. Awesome innovation with social cause initiative #Clean and Neat packing. Thanks Nasofilters team. #Nasofilters #HappyBreathing
Kailash Mehra
June 06, 2018
So good,more choice for the best health amont the problem in the big city.
สมชัย เทพี
June 06, 2018
Wonderful innovative product. I would call it Nanofilters. I have purchased this product for my mother who has to wear big mask all the time due to Kidney Transplant. Just wanna make one suggestion, launch it in skin colour make it look more transparent so that it is not visible because when you wear it present form many people start enquiring if nose has scar, injuries etc.
Dilip Bhardwaj
June 06, 2018
Awesome 😄 . I'm going to make people aware of this product as much as I can. Even poor people are now going to breathe in pure air. No need to buy expensive masks
Pooja Verma
June 06, 2018
It's easy to wear. Very low air resistance as well. I always keep one in my pocket.
Devesh Jain
June 06, 2018
Brilliant idea. I may want to have it used in Bangalore too.
Pankaj Giri
June 06, 2018
Great invention by our very own iit , a cost effective public health measure .
Rajat Agrawal
June 06, 2018


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